Farming Methods

Our Farming Methods

Lean- At it's core a lean farm is one that is: set in order, shines, is standardized, and is sustainable.  The lean concept digs down and roots out watse in all aspects of a business.

Enterprise Stacking- Combining multiple classes of livestock allow a more rounded impact on an area.

Grass fed- Multiple species of livestock are completely content on a diverse and vibrant pasture.

Low Stress Handling- Bud William method of handling livestock was legendary.  While we are not Bud, we do hold to his values of keeping as much stress off the animals as possible because stress leads to sickness.

Management-Intensive Grazing (MIG)- Rotational grazing based off current conditions, weather, and stages of animal growth.  MIG uses stocking rates, density, portable electric fencing, and resting pasture to mimic the type of animal impact that was seen during the days when buffalo roamed over most of the country.  This improves the health of the soil  and our animals.

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