Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Year, New Direction, New Website

As many of you know I went back to work full-time last August.  Fortunately the farm is in good hands with Meredith, the kids, and Wes still helping out.  However, several areas have been put on hold to include: marketing, breeding program, land improvements, building improvements, fence & water expansion to name a few.  I'm very thankful for the ability and opportunity to earn a living, however the goal is to earn a living at full-time farming.

So as we close in on Spring, I'm reminded of the cycle of new beginnings, and I got back into the planning phase over the past several weeks.  I wanted to share some of the changes we are making and what can be expected from Bluerock Valley Farm this year. 

New website and newsletter service- We've kept our same domain name, but I've switched to a free website platform that I used with our appraisal business in KY.  We've also gotten away from the email hosting service since 60% of our subscribers never got our emails after months of hair pulling (which I don't have a lot to start with).  We will be using our gmail account to send updates to our existing subscribers, and the new website has a follow by email feature that everyone will need to opt into in order to receive notification of new content. 

Pastured chicken & pastured eggs- We will continue our pastured poultry program, however we won't be expanding at least for the 1st two cycles of the season.  Layers are going out onto pasture at the end of the month, and the 1st batch of broilers will be here the beginning of May.

Pastured lamb- We will continue our pastured lamb program, and hopefully increase our meager herd of 5 hair sheep and start the breeding program this fall.  We are also waiting to hear from our processor if they have been certified USDA for lamb. 

Farm Store- The farm store will continue to be open with self service, M-F 9-6pm.  We still have pastured chicken, eggs, and dried fruit from a neighbor.

Continued clean up- Hopefully this year we see less clutter, more paint, and some much needed building and tenant house improvements.  The tenant house is the more immediate need, so if you love working on old houses AND have the time, give me a call (because I don't have the time:).

Well that is about all for now, we will continue to update everyone on our stewarding of our animals and the land, so stay tuned.  NOTE- if you already subscribed to the old website, please opt in to the new one by entering your email in the Follow by Email box on the website. 

Promise to have a good day,

Lance Shore

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